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The International Charitable Foundation “KOROVAY” is a dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience, which has successfully implemented many projects.

Each member of the team thoroughly studied the existing social problems in Ukraine, and together we are ready to present effective and relevant ways of resolving them in the form of charitable programs.

The International Charitable Foundation “KOROVAY” aims to create a rehabilitation and recreation facility that will offer a full range of medical examination and care on a non-discriminatory basis, a full five-course buffet meal, a gym equipped for physical rehabilitation; creation of a complete infrastructure for people with physical disabilities, SPA center with swimming pools, saunas, massage rooms and phytobar ,  round-the-clock lounge area, conference hall, own pump room with medical supplies; as well as children’s room with animators and babysitting. A promising area for the implementation of this program is the resort town of Morshyn.

ICF “Korovay” provides free legal advice on the Municipal Nanny Government program, as well as helping them complete all of the above documents for compensation.

You can choose the option of cooperation with us which is the most convenient for you)

The International Charitable Foundation “KOROVAY” is included in the state program “Green Energy” and trends in the development of the infrastructure of renewable energy sources.

Objective: to become an operator in the electricity market.

By setting our own renewable energy sources, our team will try to prevent the full monopolization of the electricity market by millionaires and speculation with end-user prices.

The International Charitable Foundation “KOROVAY” is an independent energy and gas provider.

We offer convenient and transparent gas and energy purchases at competitive prices.

Register a personal account on the site and manage your gas and energy consumption yourself.

Just three simple steps:
  1. Contact our office or register online.
  2. Sign up the contract.
  3. Get the best deal on product price and quality of service.

One of the most important human needs is the availability of own living space with acceptable living conditions. Unfortunately, in modern conditions, not every family can afford it.

The purpose of our team is to help young people, families with large families, ATO members and their families, and other vulnerable groups of the population, regardless of the financial level, to receive housing on a preferential or royalty-free basis.

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