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About us

International Charitable Fund “Korovai”- it is a team of conscious people who want to work to help others.

The fund must itself engage in entrepreneurial activity to provide its customers with free and basic necessities on a regular basis, without third-party assistance.


– Medicines up to 500% in private pharmacies
– The inability to obtain a youth loan for housing, not to mention the receipt of housing free of charge according to the residential queue
– Limited availability of recreation and rehabilitation facilities for persons with disabilities
– Social bread
– Philanthropists need to constantly look for finance to help their wards.


to establish a social enterprise whose activities 100% of the funds will be directed to provide free products and services of the trust fund on a permanent basis.


-determine the main directions of the fund’s activities,
– involve narrow specialists to implement programs,
-get money to start your own production.
– provide free goods and services for their wards without the involvement of charitable contributions.

To this end, the fund, together with industry specialists, has developed Programs that will further enable us to solve the problems we face and to provide ourselves with the basic needs of our long-term clients without additional financial support, namely:
-Social housing “VINETS”
-Social Bakery “SO’VA”
-Social pharmacy “MAK”
-social reabilitation  hotel “TSUKER”
-energy energy “MEREZHYVO”.


You can join!
The team’s own funds are not enough for the full launch and implementation of these programs, so we invite everyone who reads this article to act immediately and make any one-time help, and if you can not support us financially then distribute information to social media and among acquaintances, there may be people who are close to these problems and who support our desire to move away from constant requests for help to self-employment.
In order for your one-time assistance to become a tool of constant financial support in implementing the fund’s programs, we will start our own production in order to continue to provide ourselves with services and goods that until then were received through intermediary structures at overestimated prices because they spent part of the money donations on the enrichment of business owners. Do it right now!

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Ukraine, Lviv, 26, Gazova St., office 212. Telephone: +380676889321, E-Mail: korovaihelpme@gmail.com

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