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Program «SOWA»

Bread is one of the main components of the daily diet. But it is becoming a luxury for a large number of people because of the volatile product prices.

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Familiar with the rules. I agree to the processing of personal data.


Bakery products are included in the daily diet of almost every person. We set ourselves the task of providing this product free of charge on our regular basis by baking bread on our own. In this way, we save on the price, create new jobs (for unemployed people with disabilities and other vulnerable people) and we always have free bread for our wards, without ever having to resort to outsourced assistance.

Our goal is to work and provide our clients with our own efforts. To start doing this, you need to help us once and we will turn your support into an effective self-help tool.

How it works

we bake a hundred loaves, of which ten we give our wards, and the rest we sell at a price that will allow us to bake again a hundred loaves.
According to our fund format, anyone who supports our fund will be able to obtain a certificate for the purchase of our products with the amount of your support that you can give at your own expense to anyone who you find it deserves and needs.

In order to become a trust fund, you need to apply for assistance and agree with the leadership of the Fund.

The International Charitable Foundation “KOROVAY” is ready for this project:

  • to create competition in the market in order to reduce the prices for bread for the end consumer;
  • provide the opportunity to get free bread from your own bakery directly to your home;
  • to provide the opportunity to buy quality bread on a preferential basis;
  • to provide discount cards to all who supported the Project.

What has been done:

  • fully legal documentation prepared;
  • a room has been selected under the baker’s shop, which meets all the requirements of the legislation;
  • Pre-selection of personnel is carried out;
  • established contacts with Ukrainian producers of equipment for the bakery shop and wholesale suppliers of raw materials;
  • developed routes for selling their own products.
Fund values
  • An experienced team
    These are highly specialized consultants with many years of experience in the field of training and support of the fund's activities
  • Individual approach
    We appreciate everyone who asked for help and make every effort to get the desired support
  • First-rate product
    We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced solutions to develop our products
  • Multifunctional programs
    We offer multifunctional programs that contain the necessary set of features and support services
  • Lviv City Council, Department of Economic Development, Department of communal property
    Provision of communal property lease in accordance with the procedure established by the city council; implementation of accounting for lease payments and control over their receipt
  • Werner Law Firm provides legal services that meet the best global quality standards
    judicial representation, tax and financial law, real estate and construction law, corporate law (including mergers and acquisitions), intellectual property law, competition law (including antimonopoly legislation and protection against unfair competition)
  • Audit company PSP Audit
    The company provides audit services, as well as services in the field of accounting and financial consulting
  • National University of Food Technology
    Leading educational and scientific center of Ukraine
  • Electronic Government Procurement System Transparent
    Official Publication Portal for Public Procurement in Ukraine
  • Market Analytics. Financial Consulting
    Leading consulting company in Ukraine in the field of analytics, market research, strategic consulting and business planning

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